Friday, November 12, 2021

Don't Get Married, With Retired Goat

This week the crew is joined by the notorious Retired Goat of TikTok fame! Goat grew to popularity in the red pill community because of his strong advocacy of men not getting married. He's such a strong advocate in fact, that he wrote a book about it! It's called DILLIGAF - The Truth About Marriage in the U.S.A.: A Safety Manual for Young Men

From Amazon:
This book is a labor of love and a reaction to the utter buffoonery that is marriage in the U.S.A. today. It is my understanding that Canada, the U.K, and Australia are in much similar (if not worse) predicaments. This book IS NOT FOR WOMEN. It is a safety manual for men. Most importantly young men. They need to know the falsities, lies, and social programming associated with marriage. The history is being sold in a fully false narrative. The institution is a legal sham and scam. This book in it's least affective mission - is to at the very least - take the blinders off young men and make them think critically, honestly, and cognitively with their self.
In the interview with The Mantastic 4, Goat tells the crew stories of women taking sailors to the cleaners during deployments, as well as utterly ruining the careers of men with mere accusations. Some men that he was in charge of while in the military even committed suicide over these situations.

You will not believe some of this stuff when you watch the above video. We want to know your take on it though, so please leave us a comment below!


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