Mystic Lex aka Alexis Collazo

Do you know what sets high value men apart from the rest? It’s not their looks, money, social status, or even their accomplishments.

Come On Man Podcast's Paul is In The Hot Seat!

This week, on the fifth episode of Mantastic 4, our heroes have decided to throw our master of ceremonies on the hot seat.

Chuck "Daddy" Kohout In The Hot Seat

Meet Chuck ‘Daddy’ Kohout, a self made real estate mogul with an impressive background in pro bodybuilding.

Welcome To J-Rud’s World!

As the youngest member of the cast, J-Rud is a wealth of knowledge and advice that people across his social media platforms just eat up.

Who is Black Spider Guy?

Taking to multiple platforms to educate today's generation of men, how to navigate the manosphere and not fall victim to blue pill ideologies.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Defund Simping

This week the Mantastic 4 are joined by the wildly popular Chad from Defund Simping! Chad has close to a half a million followers on TikTok and thousands of other followers on Instagram and YouTube. He's also running a very successful date coaching service as well!

The first question came from JRud, but before he could ask we found out that Chad doesn't like using his "government name" on social media anymore ever since cancel culture not only went after him on social media, they went after his businesses as well causing him to have to start all over. It goes to show how dangerous it is these days to discuss topics that benefit men.

After that story, Chad went on to tell about how he recently got to hang out with Austin Dunham of YouTube fame, and how the two of them ended up smashing chicks down in Florida. Chad felt the need to prove himself in a way because of how much he talks about "kicking game" on social media all the time. His antics lead to him and Austin getting lucky with two chicks they met at a club.

The next question was from Black Spider Guy Advice who wanted to know how Chad came up with the name of Defund Simping. Turns out it started off as a Twitter gag. apparently during the George Floyd/defund the police movement, Chad said that "black Twitter" was blowing up with jokes about defunding anything (Child support for instance). He thought that Defund Simping would be pretty funny, so he ran with it. It also garnered him some retweets and likes on Twitter.

Chuck asked the next question. He wanted to know what brought Chad to the red pill. Chad said that he was basically the friend zone guy all through high school. He basically did all the blue pill things he thought he should do based on what Hollywood says, but never had success with women. The thing that turned him around was when he matched with a hotty on Tinder, and after talking online for 4 months, they went to meet up and she had a hicky on her neck. Chad felt like she disrespected him, and when he called her out on it she ghosted him. After that, he felt like he needed to figure out relationship dynamics.

After some back and forth about TikTok's absurd guidelines between the whole panel, Paul finally asked a question. He wanted to know if Chad had read any books in the red pill space. Chad said he is currently reading "The Unplugged Alpha" by Richard Cooper as well as a book called "Mindset."

The guys continue to ask very interesting questions, and the knowledge Chad lays down is solid gold. If you want to know what else the team talked about, watch the video above!


Friday, October 22, 2021

Mrs. Chuck Daddy in The Hot Seat

When most people hear the word polyamory, they think of non-monogamous relationships or cheating on your spouse. But polyamory (and poly-monogamy) go way beyond that, and Mrs. Kohout - the wife of our hero Chuck Kohout- has taken the time to help shed light on poly-monogamy, and demystify the misconceptions surrounding it. In this episode of the Mantastic 4 podcast, our hosts have Mrs. Kohout on as a guest star to talk about her poly-monogamous relationship, how it came to be, plus what challenges and benefits there are to such an unconventional relationship.

Polyamory is a non-traditional type of relationship that involves having multiple romantic relationships with an expressed right to engage in these relationships, openly and honestly. While polyamorous relationships are different from monogamous ones, where a couple is only allowed to be romantically involved with one person. Poly-Monogamous relationships are wholly different from polyamourous relationships, in that in a polyamorous relationship, there can be more than two people involved in romantic or sexual partnerships, while poly-mono relationships only allow one person to be involved with multiple people. While it may seem unorthodox for many people in today’s society, there are some arguments that suggest such relationships may benefit people in certain instances.

I’m sure we all know someone in an unconventional relationship—whether it’s polyamorous, open, swinging, or some other type of non-traditional partnership that doesn’t fit into the traditional nuclear family paradigm. These relationships can be hard to wrap your head around, but as Mrs. Kohout shows us, they can also be very rewarding and fulfilling as long as all parties involved are honest and communicate well. 

We all face challenges when it comes to relationships, it's how we deal with those challenges however, that make or break us. Being in a non-traditional, polygamous or poly-mono relationship means you’re going to face some challenges along the way. But if you’re honest with yourself and your partners, those challenges have the potential to be rewarding beyond measure! Mrs. Kohout and Chuck are no different, and have had their bumps along the way. However, whether it be working through issues of  jealousy, or otherwise, they have learned to be more open and honest with each other, and as a result those challenges became easier to manage, and drove them closer as a result. 

Still, even with all the honesty in the world, there are so many issues that can come with stepping into a non-traditional relationship. You have to decide what your boundaries are going to be, and what you will, and won’t be ok with. In Mrs. Kohout’s relationship in particular, she is a firm believer that love for her is between her and one other person, and that concept is one she is content with. Yet, she acknowledges that her partner, and our hero- Chuck Kohout, requires the release that comes with having non-intimate, physical relations with women outside of his relationship with her. Through open conversation and honesty, she has come to understand that these relations don’t demean or depreciate her relationship with her husband in the slightest. If anything, its sent them down a path of self discovery and allowed them to cultivate a deeper understanding of one another. 

If you’d like to learn more about the nature of poly-monogamous relationships, tune in to the next episode of Mantasic 4, where Mrs. Kohout & Chuck will talk more about their relationship, and our heroes will uncover the truth behind what makes it work!

Friday, October 15, 2021

Mystic Lex aka Alexis Collazo

Do you know what sets high value men apart from the rest? It’s not their looks, money, social status, or even their accomplishments. It’s how they choose to interact with women who are of lesser value than them. On Episode 6 of the Mantastic 4 podcast, meet Alex Collazo; a social media influencer who has taken to his platform to educate men on their worth, point out the disparity between men and women, and teach them that they should put their desires first, because women won’t. Through his following, he has made it his mission to change the way we treat women, and redefine what it means to be a man. Tune in to the podcast where Alex will share with our heroes what it takes to curate the mindset that he has bred, and his thoughts on women, and society as a whole. 

In Alex’s youth he believed in treating women in the traditional sense. It wasn’t until he realized that the common persona of a ‘good guy’ that is thrust upon most men didn’t serve him, that he began to curate the mindset that he has now. Oftentimes we as men waste so much time trying to keep up appearances when- let's be honest, most women already know what you're after. You’re trying to get laid! And while it can be said that it isn’t easy to tell a woman what you’re aiming for, why hide your true intentions if you and her both know what you want deep down? Most guys are either scared of rejection, or feel like being open and honest wouldn’t benefit them in the long run. Not Alex, who believes you should throw away your fear of rejection, because women respond positively to confident men who know their worth and can convey that value. Define your worth, communicate it effectively, and you'll have no problem attracting women in droves!

A sentiment that Alex frequently tries to convey to his audience is the fact that men have options, and if women want to keep them around, they should be self-sufficient, bring adequate value to the table, and align with their standards for a relationship. Find your ground, dig your feet in, and stay there. There is no reason why a man should tolerate anything that doesn’t serve them in a relationship.  Drawing a line in the sand allows a man to set the tone for their relationship, without sacrificing their desires. This self-imposed standard allows men to keep their options open and maintain desirable qualities in themselves, by giving themselves the freedom to do as they wish.

Men are often socialized to believe that they should always put the needs of a woman first—which is a losing proposition. In relationships, men who make their partners feel special, loved and desired are considered by mainstream standards to be more desirable, but this is not always the case. Men who don’t make an effort to invest in themselves aren’t treated as of a higher value—but rather, as beta male orbiters, who chase after their partner but fail to assertively put their own needs first. Of course, not all of us will want multiple sexual partners—but regardless of whether you prefer one partner or many, there are clear lessons men can take from someone like Collazo. At large, women don’t care about the struggles a man has to deal with on a day to day basis, and you have to approach every relationship you get into with this in mind in order to curate the relationship that suits you.

If you’d like to hear about Alex’s views on women, and relationships first-hand, jump into the next episode of the Mantastic 4 podcast. Here Collazo will take our heroes down the rabbit hole that is his life, and unpack the life experiences that shaped his mindset today!

Friday, October 8, 2021

Come On Man Podcast's Paul is In The Hot Seat!

This week, on the fifth episode of Mantastic 4, our heroes have decided to throw our master of ceremonies on the hot seat, the man himself- Paul Bauer! On the interweb Paul is known as the face of the “Come on Man” podcast, a 3% man inspired podcast, wherein he seeks to guide and educate his fellow man on building wealth, and working on their purpose in life. 

For every man who has ever wondered why women act the way they do, Paul can answer that question—and provide some actionable advice to boot! Bauer, a Navy veteran, hosts  “Come on Man”, a podcast that seeks to help men better themselves and succeed in life by getting to the bottom of what drives them, and how to take action based on their purpose. On the podcast, Bauer talks to his numerous viewers about the lessons life has given him, and how to apply those lessons to help men achieve success both in business, and their personal lives.

Our hero always has some great insights about how to make a relationship work. But if you’re going to get married, he has some words of wisdom: Get a prenup! There is no couple in America that would be better off not having one. And from experience, our hero has seen how ugly relationships tend to get towards the end of their lifespan, and continually cautions men to take care, and tread lightly when deciding to take a relationship to the next level.

Paul views himself -as well as the men who tune in to his podcast- as students of  the psychology behind the female persuasion. In fact he often likens the process of learning, to a journey that in the end makes you a better man overall. He goes on to explain that the popular persona of the ‘good guy’ that is pushed by mainstream media, is wholly detrimental to the average man trying to appeal to the average woman. This, in part, is due to the inconsistencies between what  women say they want out of a man, and what they are actually attracted to. 

Women are beautiful creatures, no doubt about it. But it also can be said that women make things more complicated than they need to be, especially if you are trying to focus on your purpose, and the direction you want to take with your life. Paul is a firm believer that men should be thoroughly focused on their goals, and in relationships, no man should have to compromise them to be with their significant other. Having purpose allows us to connect who we are today with who we’ll be tomorrow, and opens the door to a life full of success and achievements, and this is an ideal that Paul continually seeks to drive home to his audience. 

If you’d like to hear more about Paul, the definition of what a “3% Man” really is, and laugh as he regales our heroes with stories from his Navy days, tune in to the 5th episode of the Mantastic 4 Podcast! Here our heroes will throw Paul on the hot seat, and ask him all the questions that you want the answers to!

Friday, October 1, 2021

Chuck "Daddy" Kohout In The Hot Seat

On our fourth episode of the Mantastic 4, meet Chuck ‘Daddy’ Kohout, a self made real estate mogul with an impressive background in pro bodybuilding. On social media Chuck is known for his unique perspective on relationships, as well as his straightforward approach towards life, which has propelled his success in multiple avenues. But what kind of experiences breed the mentality that allows you to build an empire, and place as a runner up to Mr. America? Tune in to the 4th episode of the Mantastic 4 Podcast, where our heroes will pick Chuck’s brain to find out!

From an early age Chuck sought to become the physically fit, and accomplished man he is today. Despite some of his shortcomings - namely dyslexia- Chuck used this mentality to develop the problem solving, and negotiating skills needed to work around his weakness, and turn it into one of his greatest strengths that fuels his success today. These same skills led to our hero becoming a master of real estate, and arbitrage, and has allowed him to enjoy a life of freedom seldom people ever do.

But what’s the point of success if you can’t enjoy it?

This is a question Chuck has asked himself time and time again, and while many of his peers have settled for a life of the mundane, our hero has constantly pushed the limits of both his ventures and body in order to stay ahead of the game, and stay fit so he can live long enough to reap the benefits of his hard work.  In fact, to ensure nothing holds him back, he regularly cuts off friends and acquaintances who are detrimental to this way of thinking. Talk about dedication! 

However Chuck’s straightforward approach and social skills haven’t always served him. Despite being a generally social creature, Chuck somehow manages to piss people off pretty often online. In fact he tends to get in trouble pretty often on social media platforms such as tiktok and instagram, where moderators continually censor him or ban his accounts altogether. Within this new cancel culture that has dominated most social platforms, Chuck's unique, and sometimes satirical commentaries on life, and relationships are highly frowned upon, and shut down outright.

Although all satire set aside, the overall message that Chuck strives to convey to men everywhere is that both in their relationships, and their overall goals in life they should be uncompromising in prioritizing what suits them. Being in a poly-monogamous relationship himself, he often encourages other men to foster a relationship with their partner that gives them the freedom to be their most genuine self, and to be unafraid of putting their foot down if it means getting what they need out of their partnership. 

Check out this next episode of the Mantastic 4 for the entire scoop on Chuck ‘Daddy’ Kohout. Learn more about his unique viewpoints on relationships, his mentality behind his drive to succeed, and the lengths he went to get to where he is today. And stay in the loop til next episode, where we’ll throw Paul from the “Come On Man” Podcast onto the hot seat!