Friday, September 24, 2021

Welcome To J-Rud’s World!

Episode Three of the Mantastic4 is all about the incomparable Joe Rudman, AKA J-Rud. As the youngest member of the cast, J-Rud is a wealth of knowledge and advice that people across his social media platforms just eat up. But who really is the guy in J-Rud’s world and what is “it” and what is “it” really in fact about?

With J-Rud being the youngest member of the cast the question on everyone’s mind is; what drove him to have a red pill way of thinking so early on in his adult life? In Episode 3, J-Rud delves into the story of how in 2017, his girlfriend at the time faked a pregnancy in order to keep the relationship going. This led to him questioning himself, as well as the women he interacted with romantically. In an effort to try and educate himself on both male and female behavior, J-Rud took to social media discovering so many voices across multiple platforms pushing out red-pill content that he resonated with. J-Rud uses his platform to educate and give advice to both men and women on how to have healthier interactions with one another and is a voice to men across the manosphere.

WIth all of his charisma and charm, J-Rud hails from a small farming town in California. His home life is like that of HGTV Reality Series. He lives with his adoptive parents and adopted mixed race siblings on a small farm that houses goats and other livestock. He has a nice security job, while doing social media, and writing music. When asked where he sees himself in the future, near and far, J-Rud hopes to become a motivational speaker across the country and eventually worldwide. He hopes to be able to speak life into young men and become a positive role model for a healthy mindset. 

J-Rud has had his fair share of mentors, and in Episode 3 he drives home the importance of having a mentor as a young man. Having someone to look up to that is older than you or is at the level that you want to be at is key to having a mobile, goal setting mindset. J-Rud drives home the point that in order to utilize mentors correctly, you, as a mentee sometimes have to just shut up and listen. In order to learn and understand from someone, you have to know when silence is the best tool. 


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