Friday, September 10, 2021

Origin Story

On the premiere episode of the Mantastic Four Podcast, meet the four fated heroes coming together to avenge masculinity for the world! Four solid dudes who connected over the need to educate men on just how exactly to conduct yourself in a world where masculine men are in decline. All four members of the Mantastic Four take to social media to spread their views and teach the masses of men who have taken the “blue pill” and lost their way.

This first episode is all about the Mantasitc Four origin story. Who are the members? Where did they come from? What are their goals for the “Manosphere”?

Chuck “Daddy” Kohout (@chuck.kohout) is up first. “How did he get the nickname ‘Daddy’?”, you might ask. Well check him out on his social media and you’ll find out. Chuck is the glue that stuck this group of four together. Stumbling upon the manosphere on accident, after repeatedly getting banned on Tik Tok but always finding that the same group of people always found him again, he began to flesh out a friendship with them. Upon realizing that the group shared similar views and similar problems with their content being taken down, criticised, or banned altogether, he decided that he should connect them altogether and form a like-minded team. Chuck's goal with being a part of the Mantastic Four is to establish a man's point of view in the ongoing conversations about the relationships between men and women and do some good for MAN-kind.

Black Spider Guy (@BlackSpiderGuyAdvice) wasn’t born into the manosphere he was created to fight for it. After spending much of his life being a “blue pill” guy who placed women on a pedestal due to the fact that he grew up in a two-parent household in which his mother was able to skewer his views. After an incident with a girl in college who slept with who he thought was his best friend, Spider Guy took a look at himself and realized that change was necessary in order for him to become a strong man. He could no longer stand by as women walked over the nice guys and treated them like they were expendable but would continue to cry and chase after the men who treated them like shit. Soon he realized just how many men were stuck in this blue pill phase of life, men didn’t want to be men anymore. He hopes to help the younger generation of men who need guidance in becoming strong men.

J Rud (@joe_rudman) stumbled upon the manishpere after a situation where his girlfriend at the time faked a pregnancy that left his mind reeling. It sent him into a “women ain’t shit” mentality that eventually led to him starting a journey of educating himself through social media on how to still have a positive experience with women. From his experiences he hopes to teach men how to be men. Similar to the rest of the cast, he sees a need for a well-rounded education in many areas like dating, life advice, any area that they need guidance in. He also takes his time to learn why women act the way they do and uses that as tools within his experiences with them. J Rud is the common voice of the cast, he finds a way to speak positivity into any situation and in any man.

Paul (@ComeOnManPodcast) dived back into the world of women after getting divorced in 2014. Considering himself a blue pill guy at the time he met a woman who he considered himself in love with, he dated her and was with her for about four years. Then she ripped his heart out. He found himself back in the dating circuit again this time more fit than before and ready to take the game head on. The problem was women weren’t staying around long enough for any kind of relationship to stick. He began to question what the fuck he was doing wrong, and that lead him to the world of self-help books about dating as a man and how to redefine the way he was dating in order to benefit him. He changed his system for dating and started to “spin plates” juggling more than one woman at once, not putting all of his eggs in one basket. Within the manosphere he agrees with the other members of the team in the fact that men need to learn about being men, but he also brings to light that marriage laws favor women more than they favor men, and more men need to learn about that.

To hear more stories and more about the origin of these four heroes be sure to tune into the Mantastic 4 Podcast on YouTube and check out the cast on their social media profiles!


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