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Come On Man Podcast's Paul is In The Hot Seat!

This week, on the fifth episode of Mantastic 4, our heroes have decided to throw our master of ceremonies on the hot seat.

Chuck "Daddy" Kohout In The Hot Seat

Meet Chuck ‘Daddy’ Kohout, a self made real estate mogul with an impressive background in pro bodybuilding.

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As the youngest member of the cast, J-Rud is a wealth of knowledge and advice that people across his social media platforms just eat up.

Who is Black Spider Guy?

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Friday, November 26, 2021

The Manicured Mom

This week The Mantastic 4 are joined by the wildly popular men's rights activist, The Manicured Mom. The Manicured mom essentially got into men's rights activism because of her son. She has seen what current divorce and family laws have done to good fathers, and believes these laws need to change. If they don't change, her son may not ever get married one day. That, or he may get taken to the cleaners in divorce and she may never get to see her grandkids.

The men also talk to Tammy about her thoughts on relationships and what keeps relationships healthy. Her answer may surprise you, but let's just say the boys all agreed with her on this one!

This is a very interesting episode, and we hope you get something out of it!

Friday, November 19, 2021

Texas Desert Sailor

This week the group is joined by Texas Desert Sailor of TikTok fame. Retired Goat also came back to fill in for Chuck Daddy. The group discuss Texas' philosophy on why men shouldn't get married in the modern era.

Texas originally started his TikTok account to talk about politics, but then realized that he could be a voice for men's rights on the platform. He quickly rose to prominence, and like most men in the space, was banned shortly there after because everyone knows that TikTok does not allow men to have a voice on their platform... Only feminists are allowed to have a voice.

Texas is on his 4th and 5th accounts respectively now due to his multiple account bans, but he's not stopping! He's going to continue to fight the good fight!

Friday, November 12, 2021

Don't Get Married, With Retired Goat

This week the crew is joined by the notorious Retired Goat of TikTok fame! Goat grew to popularity in the red pill community because of his strong advocacy of men not getting married. He's such a strong advocate in fact, that he wrote a book about it! It's called DILLIGAF - The Truth About Marriage in the U.S.A.: A Safety Manual for Young Men

From Amazon:
This book is a labor of love and a reaction to the utter buffoonery that is marriage in the U.S.A. today. It is my understanding that Canada, the U.K, and Australia are in much similar (if not worse) predicaments. This book IS NOT FOR WOMEN. It is a safety manual for men. Most importantly young men. They need to know the falsities, lies, and social programming associated with marriage. The history is being sold in a fully false narrative. The institution is a legal sham and scam. This book in it's least affective mission - is to at the very least - take the blinders off young men and make them think critically, honestly, and cognitively with their self.
In the interview with The Mantastic 4, Goat tells the crew stories of women taking sailors to the cleaners during deployments, as well as utterly ruining the careers of men with mere accusations. Some men that he was in charge of while in the military even committed suicide over these situations.

You will not believe some of this stuff when you watch the above video. We want to know your take on it though, so please leave us a comment below!

Friday, November 5, 2021

Catfish Stories

You've probably experienced a situation like this. You match with an absolute smoke show on a dating app. You hit it off over text and set up a definite date. All things are right with the world. Hell, you are imagining how awesome it will be to date her and even what your kids are going to look like.

The day of the date happens, and BAM! You are slapped across the face with the harsh reality that this person is not who they made themselves out to be. They are easily 50 pounds heavier than their pictures, and they are as ugly as the day is long! You, my friend, have been catfished!

This week the Mantastic 4 get together to swap stories of their catfishing experiences! Some are pretty standard, and some are absolutely unbelievable! Watch the episode above to find out who in the group has had the craziest stories! I'll give you two guesses who wins that contest...