Friday, November 5, 2021

Catfish Stories

You've probably experienced a situation like this. You match with an absolute smoke show on a dating app. You hit it off over text and set up a definite date. All things are right with the world. Hell, you are imagining how awesome it will be to date her and even what your kids are going to look like.

The day of the date happens, and BAM! You are slapped across the face with the harsh reality that this person is not who they made themselves out to be. They are easily 50 pounds heavier than their pictures, and they are as ugly as the day is long! You, my friend, have been catfished!

This week the Mantastic 4 get together to swap stories of their catfishing experiences! Some are pretty standard, and some are absolutely unbelievable! Watch the episode above to find out who in the group has had the craziest stories! I'll give you two guesses who wins that contest...


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