Friday, October 29, 2021

Defund Simping

This week the Mantastic 4 are joined by the wildly popular Chad from Defund Simping! Chad has close to a half a million followers on TikTok and thousands of other followers on Instagram and YouTube. He's also running a very successful date coaching service as well!

The first question came from JRud, but before he could ask we found out that Chad doesn't like using his "government name" on social media anymore ever since cancel culture not only went after him on social media, they went after his businesses as well causing him to have to start all over. It goes to show how dangerous it is these days to discuss topics that benefit men.

After that story, Chad went on to tell about how he recently got to hang out with Austin Dunham of YouTube fame, and how the two of them ended up smashing chicks down in Florida. Chad felt the need to prove himself in a way because of how much he talks about "kicking game" on social media all the time. His antics lead to him and Austin getting lucky with two chicks they met at a club.

The next question was from Black Spider Guy Advice who wanted to know how Chad came up with the name of Defund Simping. Turns out it started off as a Twitter gag. apparently during the George Floyd/defund the police movement, Chad said that "black Twitter" was blowing up with jokes about defunding anything (Child support for instance). He thought that Defund Simping would be pretty funny, so he ran with it. It also garnered him some retweets and likes on Twitter.

Chuck asked the next question. He wanted to know what brought Chad to the red pill. Chad said that he was basically the friend zone guy all through high school. He basically did all the blue pill things he thought he should do based on what Hollywood says, but never had success with women. The thing that turned him around was when he matched with a hotty on Tinder, and after talking online for 4 months, they went to meet up and she had a hicky on her neck. Chad felt like she disrespected him, and when he called her out on it she ghosted him. After that, he felt like he needed to figure out relationship dynamics.

After some back and forth about TikTok's absurd guidelines between the whole panel, Paul finally asked a question. He wanted to know if Chad had read any books in the red pill space. Chad said he is currently reading "The Unplugged Alpha" by Richard Cooper as well as a book called "Mindset."

The guys continue to ask very interesting questions, and the knowledge Chad lays down is solid gold. If you want to know what else the team talked about, watch the video above!



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