Friday, October 15, 2021

Mystic Lex aka Alexis Collazo

Do you know what sets high value men apart from the rest? It’s not their looks, money, social status, or even their accomplishments. It’s how they choose to interact with women who are of lesser value than them. On Episode 6 of the Mantastic 4 podcast, meet Alex Collazo; a social media influencer who has taken to his platform to educate men on their worth, point out the disparity between men and women, and teach them that they should put their desires first, because women won’t. Through his following, he has made it his mission to change the way we treat women, and redefine what it means to be a man. Tune in to the podcast where Alex will share with our heroes what it takes to curate the mindset that he has bred, and his thoughts on women, and society as a whole. 

In Alex’s youth he believed in treating women in the traditional sense. It wasn’t until he realized that the common persona of a ‘good guy’ that is thrust upon most men didn’t serve him, that he began to curate the mindset that he has now. Oftentimes we as men waste so much time trying to keep up appearances when- let's be honest, most women already know what you're after. You’re trying to get laid! And while it can be said that it isn’t easy to tell a woman what you’re aiming for, why hide your true intentions if you and her both know what you want deep down? Most guys are either scared of rejection, or feel like being open and honest wouldn’t benefit them in the long run. Not Alex, who believes you should throw away your fear of rejection, because women respond positively to confident men who know their worth and can convey that value. Define your worth, communicate it effectively, and you'll have no problem attracting women in droves!

A sentiment that Alex frequently tries to convey to his audience is the fact that men have options, and if women want to keep them around, they should be self-sufficient, bring adequate value to the table, and align with their standards for a relationship. Find your ground, dig your feet in, and stay there. There is no reason why a man should tolerate anything that doesn’t serve them in a relationship.  Drawing a line in the sand allows a man to set the tone for their relationship, without sacrificing their desires. This self-imposed standard allows men to keep their options open and maintain desirable qualities in themselves, by giving themselves the freedom to do as they wish.

Men are often socialized to believe that they should always put the needs of a woman first—which is a losing proposition. In relationships, men who make their partners feel special, loved and desired are considered by mainstream standards to be more desirable, but this is not always the case. Men who don’t make an effort to invest in themselves aren’t treated as of a higher value—but rather, as beta male orbiters, who chase after their partner but fail to assertively put their own needs first. Of course, not all of us will want multiple sexual partners—but regardless of whether you prefer one partner or many, there are clear lessons men can take from someone like Collazo. At large, women don’t care about the struggles a man has to deal with on a day to day basis, and you have to approach every relationship you get into with this in mind in order to curate the relationship that suits you.

If you’d like to hear about Alex’s views on women, and relationships first-hand, jump into the next episode of the Mantastic 4 podcast. Here Collazo will take our heroes down the rabbit hole that is his life, and unpack the life experiences that shaped his mindset today!


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