Friday, October 1, 2021

Chuck "Daddy" Kohout In The Hot Seat

On our fourth episode of the Mantastic 4, meet Chuck ‘Daddy’ Kohout, a self made real estate mogul with an impressive background in pro bodybuilding. On social media Chuck is known for his unique perspective on relationships, as well as his straightforward approach towards life, which has propelled his success in multiple avenues. But what kind of experiences breed the mentality that allows you to build an empire, and place as a runner up to Mr. America? Tune in to the 4th episode of the Mantastic 4 Podcast, where our heroes will pick Chuck’s brain to find out!

From an early age Chuck sought to become the physically fit, and accomplished man he is today. Despite some of his shortcomings - namely dyslexia- Chuck used this mentality to develop the problem solving, and negotiating skills needed to work around his weakness, and turn it into one of his greatest strengths that fuels his success today. These same skills led to our hero becoming a master of real estate, and arbitrage, and has allowed him to enjoy a life of freedom seldom people ever do.

But what’s the point of success if you can’t enjoy it?

This is a question Chuck has asked himself time and time again, and while many of his peers have settled for a life of the mundane, our hero has constantly pushed the limits of both his ventures and body in order to stay ahead of the game, and stay fit so he can live long enough to reap the benefits of his hard work.  In fact, to ensure nothing holds him back, he regularly cuts off friends and acquaintances who are detrimental to this way of thinking. Talk about dedication! 

However Chuck’s straightforward approach and social skills haven’t always served him. Despite being a generally social creature, Chuck somehow manages to piss people off pretty often online. In fact he tends to get in trouble pretty often on social media platforms such as tiktok and instagram, where moderators continually censor him or ban his accounts altogether. Within this new cancel culture that has dominated most social platforms, Chuck's unique, and sometimes satirical commentaries on life, and relationships are highly frowned upon, and shut down outright.

Although all satire set aside, the overall message that Chuck strives to convey to men everywhere is that both in their relationships, and their overall goals in life they should be uncompromising in prioritizing what suits them. Being in a poly-monogamous relationship himself, he often encourages other men to foster a relationship with their partner that gives them the freedom to be their most genuine self, and to be unafraid of putting their foot down if it means getting what they need out of their partnership. 

Check out this next episode of the Mantastic 4 for the entire scoop on Chuck ‘Daddy’ Kohout. Learn more about his unique viewpoints on relationships, his mentality behind his drive to succeed, and the lengths he went to get to where he is today. And stay in the loop til next episode, where we’ll throw Paul from the “Come On Man” Podcast onto the hot seat!


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