Friday, September 17, 2021

Who is Black Spider Guy?

Black Spider Guy Advice, one of the four members of the Mantastic4, is a social media personality popular on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Taking to multiple platforms to educate today's generation of men, how to navigate the manosphere and not fall victim to blue pill ideologies. But who is the guy behind the mask? In the second episode of The Mantastic4 Podcast, the guys sit Black Spider Guy in the hot seat and delve deeper into who he is and how he became that way.

The question on everyone’s mind when it comes to Black Spider Guy definitely starts with; ‘Why the mask?’ The answer is simple really, outside of his genuine comfort being behind a mask, it is a way to protect his identity as he endeavors into conversations about the war on masculinity. In a world where cancel culture is prevalent, he has found a way to not only entertain the masses but also provide himself a form of security. It’s an ingenious marketing tactic. 

But what about Spider Guy’s origins? Where does he come from? 

He’s the oldest of two boys in a two parent household. With stark differences between the parenting tactics of his mom and his dad, Spider Guy gravitates and attests a lot of his journey into the manosphere to his father. His father, although a hard working, well rounded, empathetic man taught Spider Guy everything he didn’t want to be when he grew up. Throughout his childhood and into adulthood, the fact that his father was suffering behind the scenes in life and within his marriage became more prevalent and gave Spider Guy a glimpse into what the fate of a blue pill guy is like. 

Spider Guys’ goal is to send his father on vacation one day a testament to the growth in generational wealth and ideas. As the oldest son, Spider Guy understands the importance of carrying on his fathers legacy and honors him by becoming the best man he can be. 

Aside from his upbringing, a question that is always asked to many men within the manosphere is “Who hurt you?”. For Spider Guy, the answer was simple. A lot of people. For him the question then becomes not about who, but what he did in reaction to the hurt. He chose to educate people. Spider Guy was able to process his own pain and emotions and understand how many people have been, will be, or have already dealt with some of the situations he has been in, and he saw an opportunity to be a voice to the masses of unguided men. 

One of the many lessons he aims to teach men is to be able to take constructive criticism. Due to the fact that Spider Guy comes from an upbringing that pushed blue pill ideologies on him, he would have benefitted had he listened to people who told him that he doesn’t have to just put women on a pedestal in order to gain their affections. He also would have realized that sometimes emotions don’t need to be at the forefront of interactions and utilizing logic and reason doesn’t have to be frowned upon. 

For more on all things Black Spider Guy Advice, check out Episode Two of the Mantastic4. Delve deeper into the world of Spider Guy, the way he processes things, his goals for his future relationships, and his thoughts behind why more and more men are being silenced on social media. Be sure to be on the lookout for Episode Three, when J Rud takes to the hot seat.


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